About Q's Clothiers

Designed for discerning connoisseurs, Q’s Clothiers' selection of men's fine silk pocket squares finished with artisan hand rolled hems and ladies' luxe silk and high fashion scarves, cravats and accessories will delight!

The pocket squares, created from rich silks, are finished with the artisan craftsmanship of hand rolled hems. The distinct look of hand rolled hems, still unable to be replicated by machines, gives the squares extra dimensionality and character from the hand pulled, almost invisible stitches. Many of the ladies' silk accessories are hand rolled as well and matching men and women’s pieces are available in some fabrics. All pieces are made in the US.

The avant-guarde scarfs come in rare sizes for classic yet artistic styling options, and are made from a variety of materials including some silk and other blends. The variety of colors, patterns, and textures and ability of many of the scarves to be worn in several different ways means that they are as versatile as they are unique. Many of Q’s scarves can be styled around the neck, wrist, as a headband, hair accessory or on a handbag. The Small Things collection offers dainty wristlets and handbag embellishments.

Because we know that life is about more than simply looking your best, though that has its place, and includes living your best, doing what you were designed to do and using what you can to make a positive impact, 10% of the price of every purchase you make directly from QsClothiers.com is donated to non-profit organizations. These organizations include those that help care for orphans and refugees and assist people in need.  You can read about the efforts on the "A Legacy with Q's" page.

Let’s celebrate and champion what never goes out of style, that which is noble and has true and lasting value such as kindness, generosity and courage. Each person has a gifting and influence that is vital and unique.  We encourage you to enjoy and use your unique abilities. It is your particular noblesse oblige.

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